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PO Box 34, Freshwater, PO40 9ZJ, Isle of Wight, England
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Do you use portable electrical appliances for: Your Band ? Your Staff?  A Disco? Karaoke? Hotel Guests? Your Customers? Within a let property? All portable electrical equipment should be tested for electrical safety (PAT Tested). Pubs, Shops, Offices, Hotels, Bands, Musicians, Discos and other entertainers need to protect themselves and the public.  For entertainers, bands, discos, karaoke providers etc. your PA gear and accessories, needs to be tested. In the entertainment area, this is often a requirement for venues and may form part of your public liability insurance (PLI). For most areas of any business, testing is likely to be seen as taking "reasonable" safety precautions, even though it is not a legal requirement. Having experience of the commercial and entertainment sectors ourselves, and being qualified to carry out PAT tests means that we can offer a service for PAT Testing, which can fit in with your needs and work patterns. Charges are set per item and there is no minimum charge*. Although, you may have more things than you realise! No matter how many (or few) items, we will provide: 1. A full set of log sheets for all your equipment. 2. A certificate of compliance for your records, or to show on demand. (Some venues/organisations need to see the certificate) 3. Remedial small repairs and changed plugs as required for compliance at no extra charge. 4. We work to fit in with you. That means, out of office hours working to minimise interruptions. Please contact us for a no-obligation chat about your equipment.
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